Welcome to your learning.

Good job 2.png
Carrying Pencil
Aiden's letter.jpg

Aiden wrote a letter to his Grandparents

Leah medicine.jpeg
Leah medicine 2.jpeg
Madison mermaid 2.jpeg

Mitra has been reading

Luke habitats.jpg

Luke has been looking at animal habitats and homes

Taylor shape hunt.jpeg

Taylor went on a shape hunt!

Yousef caterpillar.jpeg

Yousef made the hungry caterpillar!

Armaan castle making.jpeg

Armaan has been making a castle. WOW!


Alex is doing some maths learning

Amy cakes.jpg

Amy baked some yummy cakes

Jess hat 2.jpg

Jessica made an Easter bonnet


Quinn doing some natural clay learning

Bethan maths.jpeg
Huw time.jpeg
Huw and Bethan maths game.jpeg

Huw and Bethan doing some maths learning.  Sometimes working together too!

Talor capacity.jpeg

Taylor has been learning about capacity.

Venisha PE 1.jpg
George butterfly learning.jpeg
George medicine.jpeg
George butterfly.jpeg

George has been learning about butterflies.  His tiny 5 caterpillars arrived have been hatching.   
It’s been really fascinating watching them grow! 

Sophie science.jpeg

Sophie has been doing lots of science experiements!  These look like LOTS of fun!

Masison mermaid 1.jpeg
Geroge medicine 2.jpeg
Jamie 1.jpeg

Jamie made rainbow crystals

Sophia has learnt to ride her bike on two wheels!

Sophie watched 'Art Attack' and then created a rainbow!

Leah and George made some 'medicine' linked to George's Marvellous Medicine

Madison has become a Mermaid!

Venisha has been doing some PE in her garden.  Just look at her! 

Sylvie bird feeder.jpeg
Sylvie rainbow necklace.jpeg
Sylvie smoothie.jpeg

Sylvie has been very busy! She has made a bird feeder with her brother, some rainbow necklaces for friends and neighbours as well as a berry smoothie!

Daisy lemonade.jpg
daisy lemnade 2.jpg

Daisy made some delicious lemonade!