Our choir's Christmas Carol for Eagle Radio

The school was filled with beautiful singing yesterday as the choir practised and recorded their Carol for the Eagle Radio's Christmas Carol competition. Each year Eagle Radio search for the best Carol sung by choirs of schools in the local area with the winners having their carol played on air and uploaded to their website.

Our entry is just delightful, Miss Swain and Miss Elliott have both done a fantastic job getting the choir ready and producing such a fantastic entry - well done to them and of course our fabulous singers!

Whenever I listen to our entry it always brings a smile to my face so please, have a listen - maybe it'll bring a smile to you also! You can listen to our entry by going to our home page and you'll find it under the contact details.

If you would like to find out more about the completion, please visit Eagle radios website at www.964eagle.co.uk.

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