GB Olympic athlete visits Heather Ridge

Mr Fuller with Luke Lennon-Ford

Wednesday 16th November Heather Ridge welcomed an Olympian athlete!

There was a buzz around the school and excitement was building as the afternoon approached. The children could not wait to meet Luke Lennon-Ford a GB sprinter to school!

The afternoon started with a circuit of activities for all children. Luke was great at motivating all the children and encouraged them all to participate. I could hear the chanting of support from my room! After all the children had been in Luke's mini training session, he took an assembly and spoke to the children about how he became an athlete. It was a very successful afternoon!

Some of the comments from the children were:

"I met a real Olympian!"

"The athlete was really cool because he could do lots of things"

"He's been to a lot of countries in the world"

"He only started running when he was in Year R"

"He made us doing a was a bit hard!

"We cheered each other on"

"I liked it when he did the exercises"

"I want to do it again!"

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