Heather Ridge Infant School

School Uniform

Children are expected to wear the Heather Ridge Infant school official school uniform.

All school uniform can be purchased from Brenda's schoolwear stores. Please click on the 'Brenda's' button below to view their website for store and uniform details.


Our School Uniform 

  • Burgundy sweatshirt with school logo

  • White polo shirt with school logo

  • Grey trousers

  • Grey skirt or pinafore dress

  • White socks or grey tights

  • Black school shoes - no open toe sandals, boots or trainers

  • Grey/white or black socks


  • Pink gingham school dress

  • Grey shorts


Please make sure you come to school wearing your PE kit on PE days.

PE Uniform

  • Black shorts

  • Black jogging bottoms/leggings

  • White T-shirt with school logo

  • Hoody/sweatshirt and/or cardigan

  • Trainers


In addition to the required school uniform, the following branded items are also available at Brenda's:

  • Reversible Jacket with logo

  • Baseball cap with logo

Hair Accessories - All long hair must be tied back.

Acceptable accessories in school colours please:

  • Small Alice bands

  • Small hair bands/bobbles

  • Small hair clips/slides

Price list

For up to date prices or special offers please visit the Brenda's website