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Reading and Phonics (ELS) Presentation

Bocketts Farm Trip Letter - March 2024  


We are very fortunate to have an outdoor pool which allows all of our pupils to swim during the summer term. This year, swimming lessons at Heather Ridge will start the first week back after the May half-term.  Each child will be offered one thirty-minute lesson per week giving a total of six lessons per child.

The year group is split into five swimming groups of similar ability: a mixture of the two classes (Starfish and Seahorses). Reception's allocated swimming session for 2024 is a Tuesday morning.  Their first lesson is on Tuesday, 4th June 2024.

Lessons are carried out by fully qualified instructors from Otters Swim Academy.

Swimming hats are compulsory for all children. Goggles are not to be worn unless there is a medical requirement, this is because we place on emphasis on learning water safety skills - a child is unlikely to be wearing goggles when falling accidentally in the water. If your child has a medical requirement for goggles, could you please provide a letter from your GP outlining the reason.

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Phonics and Reading:

Test and enhance your little one's knowledge of their sounds in a fun and interactive way with these games.

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Phonics Bloom

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Top Marks Type in EYFS or KS1 at the top for a variety of maths games for 4-7 year olds, including 'Hit the Button' to improve recall of number facts.

Math Seeds Make use of your child's individual account to grow their mathematical skills through games and competition.


All Subjects:

BBC Bitesize  Select the subject that you wish to learn about for videos and games.

ICT Games A variety of Maths and English games.